Hotel Agora

A brand new eco-friendly hotel!

Hotel Agora Brussels is situated in the center of Brussels, within one minute walking distance of the Grand Place and the Central Station. It is a brand new eco-friendly hotel in the vicinity of all tourist attractions!

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Eco Friendly & Green Attitude

We are Eco Friendly Our undertakings...

  • Use of rainwater, filtered for foilets, and water-saving devices in the showers.
  • Tap water is treated with a volumetric softener operating without electricity.
  • The hot water is obtained via the use of solar tubes operating with daylight (Viessmann Technology).
  • For environmental reasons, our rooms do not have a fridge and air conditioning but all our windows are equipped with UV filters (3M) and are perfectly isolated. Fans are available in the rooms.
  • Ecological products are used for the general maintenance of the building without bleach and corrosives.
  • 100% ecological shampoo and soap with manual dosage dispensers.
  • The natural wood we use comes from ecologially managed forests and the tiles used are made from 40% recycled materials.
  • We sort our waste (paper, plastic, organic).
  • 100% low voltage LED lighting.
  • Automatic lighting as you move through the common areas.
  • Centralised switch via magnetic card.

Adopt a Green Attitude Your undertakings...

  • Manage the water according to your actual needs.
  • Adjust the temperature of the radiors and decrease the temperature during the night.
  • Re-use your towels... to have them replaced, put them in the sink or on the floor.
  • When leaving your room, remove your card from the main switch.
  • Avoid leaving your appliances on charge all night.
  • Take care to place recyclable waste (plastic and paper) in the green container of the bin.
  • You can ask not to have your room cleaned daily. If you choose this option, you will be given a discount!
Please report any energy-management related problem or suggestions to the reception !

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